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Our Challenger | Charger Cat-Deletes are an amazing product, one that we are proud to be able to offer to all of you lucky Challenger | Charger owners. These Challenger | Charger have true performance engines, however the factory primary catalytic converters are very restrictive, killing all chances of true performance, and muting the sound of this engine to simply undesirable levels. This is a Dodge and it should sound like it. Bullet performance Challenger | Charger cat-deletes offer an extremely high flowing design in comparison to stock by removing the primary catalytic converters, while optimizing flow. Many of our competitors reduce the tubing size to 2.5 inch immediately, disrupting the engines ability to relieve it’s high pressure gasses. Our competitors simply do not think about flow the way we do; they often have very short and rough transitions, as well as lips and rough edges completely destroying any chance of high flow. With our cat-deletes all hangers and 02 sensors go to their factory locations so you can guarantee this piece will fit like stock. With this incredible addition you will truly be able to feel the power gains. Throttle response is greatly improved as well as driveability, but you will be most impressed by the sound. Without the primary catalytic converters you can hear the amazing sound of the engine, the same sound that Dodge should have offered in the first place. One ride in a car equipped with this product and it will be very clear to you why so many Challenger | Charger owners are going Bullet; It totally changes the character of the car, you will simply love it.


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